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Welcome to collab_writing. This is a community for collaborative fiction, more commonly known as a Writers' Round or round robin. For those unfamiliar with the process, it's relatively straight forward. We write a story together by taking turns to write the next chapter.
When we reach a high enough number of members, we start up another story to prevent too much waiting time between turns to write. Members have the choice of participating in one or several of the ongoing stories. There's also the option of short side stories, which are basically creative embellishments that have no effect on the actual story should they contradict it.
We take new members at any time, so if the Writers' Round sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, come on in and join the writing.

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Current project - Finders Ltd
A private detective agency in London specialize in tracking down missing persons. The team consists of a variety of people with skills needed, from ex-military/police and people fluent in different languages to computer programmers and psychologists. They handle mostly runaways and people who just kinda fell off the face of the earth. Occasionally they'll retrieve kidnapping victims, or extract members from sects of religious cults. This sometimes takes them to all corners of the world, but mostly bigger cities since that's where people are most likely to disappear to.

Writing order
1. odious_complex
2. jrosestar
3. ladybug218
4. twistedserious
5. sammee42
6. cnv
7. lemurjoe
8. dizzytat

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Community Rules

1. As a member, a certain level of activity is required of you.

  • Post an introduction of yourself. A simple "Hi. I'm new here." will suffice. You can copy/paste that if you want.

  • Contact jrosestar to get a spot on the list of order to write. She will most likely leave a comment in your introduction post, so she's easy to find. Getting a spot on the list is important. If you don't have a spot, you can't write. If you don't write, you'll be removed from the community.

  • Since it's not always possible to write exactly when your turn is coming up, you can pass your turn 3 times in a row. Any more than that, and you'll be considered an inactive member and removed.

  • Every now and then, there are mod posts (generally at the start of a story). You are encouraged (but not required) to leave opinions on these. You'll usually have 2 weeks to think things over and comment.
    The exception is a mandatory head count post. These don't happen too often, only when we have inactive members and the community start to slack off. You'll have 2 weeks to comment on one of those as well, but if you don't you'll be considered an inactive member and removed.

If you're going to be away for more than 2 weeks, it's a good idea to let someone in the community know that you wont be participating during that time. It's also wise to keep the community on your friends list so you know when it's your turn, and don't miss a head count.

2. Use and LJ-cut when posting your chapter. If you want to retain first rights, lock the post.

3. No off-topic posts. This includes community pimping.

4. Treat each other with respect, and remember that this is everyone's project. It's always nice to see a member with lots of ideas and enthusiasm, but if you show a lack of respect toward opinions of the other members because you're eager to promote your own, you'll be asked to dial it down.

5. Yes, you do score brownie points for activity. This doesn't mean that if you don't volunteer for extra work, you'll be treated unfairly, but you can be cut some slack for later lapses if you've been active a lot.

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General Guidelines for the Writers' Round

1. Each participant has two weeks to finish his/her chapter. If you can't make it in two weeks, you can either ask for an extension (3 days) or pass your turn. Please let us know as soon as possible if you'll be passing your turn so the next person can start writing.
To make it the same cut-off time for everyone regardless of where you are, we go by midnight Honolulu-time. If you're unsure about the time-zones, they can be found at this very useful page.

2. Please keep chapters between 1,000 and 10,000 words. The minimum is set to make sure we don't get any 200 word chapters, since that wouldn't bring the story forward much.

3. Try to leave feedback, but don't critique unless you're asked to.

4. Homosexual content is allowed. If you don't like it, leave it out of your chapter.

5. Don't forget the LJ-cut. Your post should look something like this:

Title: I may not always be right, but I'm never wrong.
Author: TwistedSerious
Rating: PG-13 for sexual references and language.
Warning: Character death.
Critique: Please be gentle, I bruise easily.
Author's note: Thank you to jrosestar for beta-reading.
( Enjoy! )

If you're unsure about how to rate your chapter, you can find short guide to the ratings we use in this post. If you're still unsure, ask in the community and someone will help you.

6. Skill is not a requirement in doing this. A bit of effort is much appreciated, though.

  • Please use proper grammar and spelling.

  • Stick to one tense and person.

  • Don't change POV in the middle of a scene. It get's very confusing.

It's a good idea to to run a spell/grammar check on your work before posting, and to have someone beta-read for you since it's easy to miss a typo or leave out a word. If you don't have a beta-reader, feel free to ask someone in the community to read it for you.

7. Don't include real people in the writing unless you have permission. I'll need proof of consent, or all your work will have gone to waste. Depending on the story, it's ok to make a reference to real people though. I.e., don't have GWB make an appearance in your chapter as a character, but feel free to have the characters watch him on the telly. Be sure to include a disclaimer if your chapter has a RP reference.

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Promote the community

..or just show your pride as a member. ^__~
Grab a button (hotlinking is allowed), or make your own.

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If you have any questions that have not been addressed here or in the community (everything you need to know about the stories should be easy to find in the memories section), make a post and someone will leap to assist you.

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